Domestic Violence Tweets, v2.0

I ran textometrica on 500 tweets a week after this round of tweet analysis, and got similar (and some interesting) results. You can’t really compare the two network maps because I added some categories. This is, after all, a leaning process at the moment.

Last time I omitted the category for links, but this time I coded for it. There was a strong correlation to advocacy (sharing links to shelters, websites, etc), to types of abuse, but also to legal action – a category similar to advocacy, but is delimited to actions in the legal system.  I also coded for words that showed support or blame for the violence. I really need to run a sentiment analysis on the data, though. Anyway, what I did find was a similar high number of tweets showing advocacy for victims (sending hotline numbers, telling where shelters are, etc), as well as a large discussion about what constitutes abuse (i.e., is emotional abuse a type of domestic violence). I also found that women were mentioned twice as much as men (no surprise there, considering statistics of domestic violence). Three categories were also interesting: the high number of tweets both blaming the victim, but also blaming men in general; how often social media was mentioned (often in relation to advocacy), and of course related to links, and how prevalent the discussion about abusers entering the legal system.

Next time I run the analysis I will use a different tweet miner. I was using TwitterSave, but it only lets you download max 500 tweets at a time. Next time I will try out TAGS, which lets you download more tweets by mining hashtags. Then, of course, running them through textometrica again. We will see where it leads.

Tweets about domestic violence 2012-09-10

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